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Muelhens 4711 EDC Spray (Universal)

You know how some hot summer days are just unbearable with the opressing humidity? Put a bottle of the amazing 4711 in your fridge to splash on upon first thing in the morning ~or any time really~ and you will know just why it has been recommended as an aromatheurapeutic antidote for all aiments since its conception in 1792! 

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2 OZ
Price: $20.95

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An invigorating, sparkling blast of citrus oils, the original Eau de Cologne ("4711 Kolnisch Wasser") softens with its heart of neroli, soothing lavender and rose and persists through a delicate and fresh veil of musk and moss. So pure that in past centuries people even used to drink it! We don't condone that use, yet it's truly mouth-watering and a bullwhip for sagging flesh.