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Bob Mackie


Bob Mackie brand was launched in 1991 by Robert Gordon Mackie. He was Born in 1939 in California. The great American designer whose designed scents is worn by many of today's top celebrities as well as some of Hollywood's biggest names of the past including Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Lucille Ball and many more. It was mainly for womens, a flowery fragrance sparkled with fruity notes. He is the creator of unlimited fine fragrance that are known for their quality and high level of alluring intrigue of delicious soft smell and the way they make a woman feel. He has several perfumes available for women to choose that fit every personality and type of woman. Some of them are; Bob Mackie Women, Iridescence Women, Mackie Women by Bob Mackie, Masquerade Women, Perhaps Women, Unmistakably Mackie, Mackie Men, Bob Mackie, etc. These all scents possess a blend of Sandalwood, Musk, Pineapple, Raspberry, Peach, Rose and Jasmine. You can wear at any occasion at any time.