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Givenchy Power Youth Cream Gel
Sale Price: $71.57
Givenchy Power Youth Eye
Sale Price: $70.95
Givenchy Creamy Cleansing Foam
Sale Price: $48.95
Peel Me Perfectly
Sale Price: $59.95


Givenchy has become a major player in the skincare business by uniting luxury with pleasure and performance, and by offering truly innovative formulas. Givenchy skincare gives women what they are looking for while taking a positive, guilt-free, light-hearted approach with such products as its No Surgetics line, which offers a cosmetic alternative to plastic surgery, and the carefully targeted lines. No Complex for the body, Skin Drink for the face and Power Youth for young women.

Givenchy has always listened to women and succeeded in reconciling elegance and personality, gaiety and effectiveness. The house is a past master in cultivating a resolutely contemporary style of luxury.