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Kerastase Nutritive Kerastase Resistance Kerastase Dermo-Calm Kerastase Specifique Kerastase Soleil Kerastase Reflection
Kerastase Chronologiste
Sale Price: $127.00
Kerastase Reflection Pixelist
Sale Price: $190.00
Kerastase Reflection Gift Set #1
Sale Price: $227.85

Kerastase Reflection

Kerastase Reflection Bain Miroir shampoo is the first step in the Kerastase Reflection collection. Recommended by professional high end salons worldwide, the Kerastase products in the Reflection line use innovative light-reflecting technology to create a mirror-like shine on the hair. All the Kerastase products at Luxury Parlor are highly discounted, and with Free Shipping on orders over $99, you can afford to collect the entire Kerastase Reflection collection.