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Artec Textureline Smoothing Serum
Artec Textureline Smoothing Serum is a superb serum that makes your hair sleek and silky for all straight styling.

Item code: artesmse
Availability: Yes
Price: $15.95

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Henry (04/01/2018, Los Angeles California) 4 Stars
I use the product after every shampoo and conditioning to stop the frizz and make my hair much more manageable. It's the only product that I found that did this well
Douglas (03/03/2018, Bell Gardens California) 3 Stars
Magic in a bottle! My hair has never looked better.
torres (08/13/2018, ) 5 Stars
This is the only product that can manage my hair without making it stiff or sticky.
Isabella (10/05/2018, ) 4 Stars
O yes i love this product smooths well i so loving this right now.
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