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Artec Kiwi Shampoo
Artec Kiwi Shampoo coloreflector Shampoo is a daily shampoo for all hair types. ARTec Kiwi Coloreflector Shampoo provides deep cleansing as well as added manageability for shine and body.
Item code: arkish
Availability: Yes
Price: $13.95

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Andrew (04/24/2018, Queens Village New York) 3 Stars
Makes my hair shiny, full of volume, and fresh looking.
Raymond (03/26/2018, Parsippany New Jersey) 4 Stars
This mousse is fantastic. I have fine naturally curly hair and it pumps it up and makes it feel and look thicker. Don't know what I would do without it.
Leah (10/06/2018, ) 4 Stars
Fuller and healthier hair i have now, and Im feeling much better about it.
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