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American Crew
American Crew Daily Shampoo
American Crew Daily Shampoo cleans gently your hair and scalp. Has panama bark extract a natural cleanser that does not strip natural oils in hair. Wheat protein for shine and strength. Rosemary and Tyme extracts for scalp moisturizer. For normal to oily hair.
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Price: $11.95

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Kenneth (09/15/2018, Lawndale California) 3 Stars
I really like this all in one shampoo, my hair feels good after a shower
James (08/17/2018, Malibu California) 4 Stars
An excellent shampoo in my opinion. Nice, masculine smell, great lather, and I could feel my hair getting softer as I used it. It also did not weigh it down
Dean (08/12/2018, ) 4 Stars
Now I have really thick hair and it makes me feel even more confident in my self.
Gary (09/24/2018, ) 4 Stars
Very good for men that as oily scalp and hair.
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