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American Crew
American Crew Peppermint Cleanse
American Crew Peppermint Cleanse liberate your hair and scalp. Formulated with peppermint and tea tree oils deep cleansing shampoo removes build up of styling product, excess dirt, oil and environmental pollutants that weigh down hair.

Item code: amcrpecl
Availability: Yes
Price: $11.95

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Paul (01/11/2018, Manhattan Beach California) 4 Stars
Smells great and keeps hair untangled
David (12/30/2018, Spring Valley New York) 5 Stars
Crew is used every day, never builds up in your hair, always smells good and makes your scalp feel like it's been massaged.
Pedro (08/12/2018, ) 4 Stars
this is the perfect shampoo. Great stuff highly recommended
Bruce (09/24/2018, ) 4 Stars
nice cooling sensation.
Andy Reid (12/10/2018, ) 4 Stars
It gets rid of all the gel in my hair. Thanks to this
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