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Abba Pure Basic Conditioner
Abba Pure Basic Conditioner is a daily light-weight conditioner for all hair types. Energizing herbal ingredients combined with the fresh essence of rosemary and peppermint help add body, shine and softness to your hair while controlling tangles and static electricity.
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Price: $17.95

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Martha (01/04/2018, East Bend, North Carolina) 3 Stars
Conditioner is mositurizing and does not leave residue when finish using, works well.
Mandy (05/12/2016, Bellevue, Washington) 4 Stars
Makes my hair very soft and feels great
Kathy (03/16/2014, Irving, Texas) 3 Stars
I love the Pure Basic line. It's light and makes my hair extremely easy to comb through.
Jada (07/27/2018, ) 5 Stars
I have very fine hair that is easy to get tangle and when i put other conditioners they are too heavy. I have been using this for a while now and so i could say its very good. It makes my hair really soft.
Allie (08/09/2018, ) 5 Stars
My hair be so horrible sometimes, i go through some bad hair days. So I feel much better to tell you that when I use Abba products I do not have a bad hair day.
Naomi (10/01/2018, ) 4 Stars
Makes my hair very soft and feels great.
Jane (10/01/2018, ) 4 Stars
unbelievable, very manageable and smooth.
Irene (10/06/2018, ) 5 Stars
Adds a lot of moisture to my hair without weighing it down.
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