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Toppik Hairline Optimizer (2 Pack)

Toppik Hairline Optimizer is the ultimate way to get the best results from Toppik.  This precision Hairline Optimizer Comb allows you to improve the Toppik application along your hairline  removing any excess product along the way - providing a softer, more natural look instantly.

Benefits: Creates a soft, natural looking hairline instantly. Allows for precision application.

Apllication: Comb after using Toppik Hair Building Fibers to remove excess product and create a natural looking hairline.

Item code: toppik-hairline-optimizer-2-pack
Availability: Yes
2 pack
Price: $7.95

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Hiram (10/07/2018, ) 4 Stars
Im at that age right now where i would find my hair starts to thin out. So far using this optimizer i see my missing hair is recovering with hair now.
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As a best-selling thinning hair solution, Toppik Hair Building Fibers have helped thousands of people get thicker, fuller hair in seconds, but sometimes it can be difficult to achieve a natural looking front hair line. With Toppik Hairline Optimizer you'll instantly see the best possible results in less time, and use less product while you are at it. If you use Toppik, this Hairline Optimizer is an absolute must-have, you'll love the results. What thinning areas? Toppik has you covered!