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Tommy Hilfiger


The “hippy chic” Hilfiger fashion empire, fragrances and all, is a growing multi-million dollar industry. Hilfiger’s first New York store, The People’s Place—a flower child’s fashion heaven—was as much a teen hang-out as a fashion hotspot. His signature 1884 collection featured Beyoncé Knowles to launch True Star Gold and True Star, and with Enrique Iglesias to represent True Star Men. Tommy Girl and Freedom are über-popular Hilfiger fragrances for women. Hilfiger’s marketing genius and cultish-hype earned him biz-buzz as the “new Ralph Lauren” among fashion gurus. His simple tri-color logo makes a bold international statement. Hilfiger—the designer businessman—promises products of “good, clean fun; classics with a twist” and his fragrances meet this mark.