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The history of Stendhal, started in 1946 with the creation of a top-of the-range French cosmetics brand.

Its founder, a pioneer in cosmetic research and an admirer of the great French writer, Henri Beyle alias Stendhal, found a wonderful sponsor in this name giving the brand's skincare and makeup lines a feminine, elegant and refined image

As a genuine forerunner, Stendhal has gone through the years without ever abandoning the extreme attention taken with the formulation of its products to guarantee maximum efficacy

Today, bolstered by its history and know-how, Stendhal asserts itself through new lines with innovative, modern and appealing active ingredients, to meet the requirements of the most demanding women.

Stendhal Skincare offers a variety of skin care products as well as makeup and cosmetics. It offers products for the face and body to address different skin conditions in addition to anti-aging products.