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Salvatore Ferragamo


“Shoemaker to the stars”—Italian Salvatore Ferragamo, the 11th child of 14, claims a namesake museum of shoes in Florence. His shoemaking style began in the 1920s when his Roman sandal designs debuted in Cecil De Mille movies. Soon he was designing for famous names like Sofia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, and Bette Davis. Ferragamo believed “new fashion begins in the mind of the designer.” He is famous for his high-stepping platforms and cork heels, which he sewed using wine bottle corks, and is credited with the design of stiletto heels. Salvatore died in 1960 at age 62. In 1998, the Ferragamo family introduced a fragrance for men—Salvatore Ferragamo—followed by the F and Incanto lines, and more. Ferragamo operates the Emanuel Ungaro businesses.