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For over 80 years, Perlier has specialized in the manufacturing of products derived from the active ingredients of medical plants. In 1972, Perlier expanded operations to include the development of cosmetics. Using the latest pharmaceutical research and technology. Perlier provides high quality, functional and efficient products that address the specific body and skin-care needs to today's women. The concept of cosmetic preparations for daily hygiene, providing nourishment, protection and answers to specific problems of the aging process, is the basis of Perlier's philosophy. The image of naturalness, purity, effectiveness AND the unique cosmetic formulations have made Perlier the number one cosmetic company in Italy. The distinct approach to products and marketing sets Perlier apart from other cosmetic lines. Whereas other companies promote thru magic, fashion, luxury and hope of everlasting beauty. Perlier has a direct, sensible, straightforward approach to serious skin care. Promising no miracles, only efficient results.