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Orlane Makeup


For 40 years, Orlane has drawn on avant-garde dermatological and cosmetic studies to develop outstanding skin care in keeping with the most advanced research on the causes of aging. The B21 products are designed to cover all the fundamental needs of the skin, and also to restore the energy so necessary to its beauty. B21 offers a full range of synergetic yet independent products, developed in collaboration with the ORLANE Beauty Institute in Paris and tested in a dermatology clinic, each offering exceptional quality in skin care and helping to ensure the preservation of youthfulness, radiance and beauty for all skin types. Orlane offers sensitive, delicate, easily irritated skin the new B21 Oligo-Vit-A-Min line, based on an exclusive concept, never before used in skin care: the "Cellular Life" Complex. In their study of skin needs, the Orlane Laboratories have highlighted the fundamental ingredients which nurture and moisturize in order to fulfill the needs of the skin. The richest combination of ingredients ever created for sensitive skin. These fine, light, fast penetrating products, provide sensitive skin types with greater comfort, renewed balance and a youthful looking appearance.