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Origins Eye Relief
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Origins Conditioning Lip Balm
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O r i g i n s

Origins products are developed under the guidance of Dr. Lieve DeClerq.
The active plants, 100% natural essential oils and certified organic ingredients used in Origins formulas are extensively researched and clnically proven for efficacy and safety by an international team of over 100 scientists.
To create its visionary, problem-solving formulas Origins finds the highest quality, active and renewable plants, earth and sea substances. To power A Perfect World age-fighting collection, Origins scientists discovered free-radical neutralizing Silver-needle White Tea - from the mist-covered hills of Fujian in China.They discovered skin-firming Rhodiola rosea in the remote mountains of Siberia for our Youthtopia collection of age-correctors, and they found the ysterious "resurrection" plant. The Rose of Jerico, in the driest deserts of North Africa for Make A Diference collection of repair products.
Origins also collaborates with major universities around the world, including the University of Strasbourg in France, to find plants with history of use. Origin brings these ingredients into its labs and studies how those constituents impact skin physiology. Once the most effective ingredients have been pinpointed, Origins isolates the activecomponents for use on its high-performance natural skincare.