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MOP Mixed Greens Shampoo
MOP Mixed Greens Conditioner the daily routine of lather and rinse never worked so well. Dry processed hair is bathed in moisture.
Item code: mopmigrsh
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Price: $14.95

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Shirley (07/06/2018, Rumford, Rhode Island) 4 Stars
I really like this shampoo. It leaves my hair soft and no need for conditioner.
Irene (02/08/2018, Groton, Vermont) 5 Stars
This is a good shampoo. I have normal hair but I just recently color it and other products. So my hair gets a little dry and crispy from time to time. Mixed greens take care of the crispiness very well and keep the styling product from building up. So I really like it, because it’s more natural than others and no need for the conditioner. The shampoo does all the work.
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