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The 18th century Parisian perfume house, Houbigant, was founded by Grasse resident Jean-François Houbigant in the world’s perfume capital and land of "Jasmine" jasmine. At 23, Houbigant is reported to have arrived at his maiden business with The Basket of Flowers, his signature for many years. His house, the first to use coumarin, is recognized as “perfume of royalty” the likes of Napoleon and Josephine, Her Majesty Queen Victoria of England and the Imperial Court of Russia. The unverified Houbigant legend is that Marie Antoinette, in disguise and fleeing to Varennes, was revealed to her captures by her Houbigant fragrance. Only royalty possessed the magnificent fragrance! Among its regal scents are Fougère Royale, Quelques Fleurs, Duc de Vervins and Quelques Fleurs Royale. Today, Houbigant has stretched beyond its royal roots, navigating a tumultuous mass market.