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GHD Thermal Protector For Normal-Fine Hair
GHD Thermal Protector For Normal-Fine Hair for normal-fine hair.
This lightweight protection has been specially formulated for fine to normal hair, with ingredients which deflect and absorb heat, protecting the hair shaft. Contains UVA protection.
Directions: Spray into clean damp hair prior to drying or, before using your ghd styling iron on dry hair, spray lightly into each section as you style. Follow wirh Step4.

Item code: ghdthpri
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Price: $26.95

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Amber (01/19/2018, North Las Vegas, Nevada) 4 Stars
Great for a textured,spikey or piece-y look. Reminds me of a hairspray with silicone in it. A little does not go a long way, so I feel it is very pricey for the rather common result that could be found in a less spendy product.
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