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Deva Concepts
Deva Concepts Curl No-Poo Cleanser
Deva Concepts Curl No-Poo Cleanser devaCurl's non-lathering, conditioning cleanser creates the ultimate healthy, bouncy curls. With its unique blend of botanically infused moisturizers, No-Poo provides maximum frizz prevention. Refreshingly scented with Peppermint and Turkish Rose.
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Price: $19.95

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Tisha (04/08/2018, Paris, Virginia) 3 Stars
This is by far my favorite choice for my natural hair. It doesn't strip my hair, but it leaves hair moist, soft and convenient.
Paula (08/21/2018, ) 5 Stars
I love this product. I use the No Poo, the One Conditioner and the An-Gel and I couldnt be happier. Best thing I have ever found for my curly hair. Its soft, bouncy, and absolutely no frizz. Anyone out there that has curly hair, you HAVE to give this a try!!!!
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