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Davines Defining Gloss, 125ml/4.2oz
Davines Defining Gloss for All Hair Types, Dry And Dull Textures. This is lightweight, non greasy spray to add a highly polished, brilliant shine to every style, and restore the luster to dry and dull textures.

Ingredients: Meadowfoam Extract, Silicones.

WE RECOMMEND spraying 12in/30.5cm from hair to polish final look.
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Rebecca (02/15/2008, Murfreesboro, Tennessee) 5 Stars
This product smells great and works well on my style resistant hair. A small amount before drying and during styling is all I need for added volume.
Doris (10/24/2007, Canoga Park, California) 4 Stars
I have fine hair so this worked well.. Just don't over do it.
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