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Borghese Moisture Gloves 1pair
Sale Price: $43.49
Borghese Dolce Notte 50ml/1.7oz
Sale Price: $70.95
Borghese Eye Compresses 60pads
Sale Price: $46.43
Borghese SPA Socks 1pair
Sale Price: $43.57
Borghese Lip Plumper-6.8g/.24oz
Sale Price: $29.29
Borghese Body Soak 200g/6.7oz
Sale Price: $47.95
Borghese Foot Cream--100g/3.3oz
Sale Price: $15.00
Borghese Cura Forte
Sale Price: $54.69


Borghese was built on a heritage that dates back to the 14th century when people first sought the healing waters of the Tuscan Earth, Borghese was the first to respect the synergy between health & nature, luxury & science. Borghese has combined the tradition of classic Italian beauty and modern sensibility to create a collection of color and treatment products of unparalleled effectiveness and quality that celebrate the unique beauty in every woman.