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Aveda Brilliant Damage Control
Aveda Brilliant Damage Control is the foundation for any hair style! Use this spray as a pre-styling tool to protect your hair from the hazards of combing, heat styling, and sun damage.
Item code: avbrdaco
Availability: Yes
Price: $22.95

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Shirley (03/18/2018, Haleiwa, Hawaii) 4 Stars
This product protects, detangles, and provides a nice styling product. And especially for fine hair
Ruth (03/01/2018, Bedford, Kentucky) 5 Stars
This product is good to help condition your hair so that you can comb through it better when it is wet
Livia (02/21/2018, Gregory, Michigan) 4 Stars
I would buy this product again for the scent alone. I love how it makes my hair smell like fresh out of the salon. And it keeps it shiny.
Ronni (08/05/2018, ) 5 Stars
I just started using this and love it. I rarely use any conditioner now except this. My hair is healhier looking and shines.
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