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Vichy Lipometric, Anticellulite Treatment
Vichy Lipometric, Anticellulite Treatment is a anti-Cellulite treatment for obviously reducing the signs of orange skin and for firming the skin.
No-greasy texture, no sticking formula, makes it possible to get dressed immediately, and leaves a pleasant feeling.
Application: Lipo.metric is to be applied daily like treatment to the zones of problem, at least for one month.
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Diana (11/13/2008, Denver, Colorado) 5 Stars
This stuff actually works pretty well. I would recommend to anyone.
Reanna (07/03/2008, Arlington, Virginia) 5 Stars
love this and I've been using it for years. You have to be disciplined and apply regularly, but it definitely works. Not a miracle cream, but your skin will certainly feel tighter and the appearance of cellulite will be lessened. I've tried many other products, and although this one is pricier, it works better.
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