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Vichy Deodorant-Treatment 7hr Anti-Transpirant
Vichy Deodorant-Treatment 7hr Anti-Transpirant deodoran - Treatment. Long-lasting 7hr. For skin that needs treatment. No perfume. no preservatives, no aluminum salts.
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Ruby (02/13/2010, Falls Church, Virginia) 5 Stars
I have always switched from deodorant to deodorant hoping something would work, but nothing ever did. I always ended up smelly after the end of the day - even if I had no reason to be sweaty, untill i have tryed this treatment. This product was fantastic and I'm still marveling at how dry and nice-smelling I am
Genevieve (02/01/2010, Las Vegas, Nevada) 4 Stars
This is the only deodorant to ever really work for me. It is fantastic. I can wear tank tops in the summer and never worry!
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