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Vichy Cream Deodorant 24hr for Sensitive Skin
Vichy Cream Deodorant 24hr for Sensitive Skin cream Deodoran. Long-lasting 24hr. For sensitive skin. No perfume. no preservatives, no aluminum salts.
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Kyla (04/22/2010, New York, New York) 3 Stars
At last, a product that does what it says it will do! This keeps me dry and odor free. Also, I have sensitive skin and have had no problems with this product irritating my skin.
Sharon (04/09/2010, Gainesville, Florida) 4 Stars
This product is excellent! I've had problems for years with underarm wetness and odor. This product is just great and does what it advertises Wonderful I will use it forever
Annie (03/26/2010, Metairie Louisiana) 3 Stars
This deodorant wouldn't give you no itching or anything like some other does.
Lillian (02/28/2010, Metairie Louisiana) 3 Stars
Its long everlasting up to seven hours or more
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