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Vichy Homme Roll-On Deodorant Sensitive Skin
Vichy Homme Roll-On Deodorant Sensitive Skin Roll-On Deodorant for men. Long-lasting 24hr. For sensitive skin. No alcohol. No perfume. no preservatives, no aluminum salts.
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Mike (04/14/2010, Greenwood, Indiana) 4 Stars
I am so glad I decided to try this product out! Ever since I hit puberty, I began sweating alot and my skin is also sensitive. I've tried all different kinds of product, even men's deodorant which worked a little better than women's deodorant. But, this works best of all
Emily (03/30/2010, Ballentine South Carolina) 3 Stars
When you put this deodorant on it dries instantly, doesn't feel all wet and under your arms
Lucia (02/11/2010, Pawtucket, Rhode Island) 4 Stars
I can honestly give this deodorant 5 stars because I've used quite a few deodorants in my lifetime...many of which claimed that they will stop perspiration and odor.Whenever I know it is going to be a hot day, I can trust this deodorant as it delivers what it promises
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