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Paddywax Eco Candles
Paddywax Thyme & Olive Leaf Eco Candle
Eco - Fragrances. Fresh from the garden thyme mixes with the perfume of olives and herbs with hints of lemon.
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Molly (09/15/2008, Long Beach, California) 5 Stars
This product provides great value; I have been buying their candles for years. I recently bought a different kind of candle for much more money, and the fragrance wasn't nearly as intense or long-lasting. I usually buy the glass version, which lasts forever.
Danna (08/13/2008, New York, New York) 5 Stars
Paddywax Candles are the best candles in the world!!! The fragrance is amazing and lasts a long time! I am obsessed with them and buy new ones when there 1/2 empty! I can't get enough of them!
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