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Paddywax Eco Candles
Paddywax New Mown Hay Candle
Paddywax New Mown Hay Candle the scent of lazy summer days will surround you with the fragrance of fresh cut grass, thyme and verbena.
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Emilia (11/14/2008, Las Vegas, Nevada) 4 Stars
This new mown hay is just wonderful. It has a very delicious scent, and I can't stop sniffing it, even when it's not lit! I love it
Eleanor (03/20/2008, Chester, Vermont) 3 Stars
I love this scent! Not sweet and gooey, more spicy fresh and clean.
Michael (08/28/2009, 2009) 3 Stars
It smells great, I lite one up about half hour before my date comes over and she loves the scent.
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