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Paddywax Eco Candles
Paddywax Bordeaux Fig & Vetivert Eco Candle
Paddywax Bordeaux Fig & Vetivert Eco Candle eco - fragrances. The rich and heavy notes of fig combine with herbaceous vetiver to create a unique blend that is earthy and fresh.
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Alexa (03/14/2010, Los Angeles, California) 4 Stars
I found this to be a great candle. It smells just wonderful, burns evenly and lasts a long time. The two wicks give off a nice amount of candlelight. This would also make a nice gift. It's a scent that almost anyone would love, male or female.
Justine (09/20/2008, Middletown, Delaware) 4 Stars
WOW! You don't even have to light this candle to receive the scent. It smells wonderful! I will buy this again
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