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Mason Pearson Brushes
Mason Pearson Hairbrush Pocket Pure Bristle B4 Dark Ruby
Recommended for normal and long, fine hair. Pocket Bristle hairbrush has 5 rings of bristle tufts. Size 6-3/4"x3-1/2"x2".
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Darlene (10/27/2008, Mesquite, Nevada) 5 Stars
This brush is really great at stimulating the scalp and has eliminated the little flakes of hair that build up on my scalp. I no longer need a dandruff shampoo! It is great for getting through my very thick hair - which is quite a feat because I have a ton of hair and it's often hard to really stimulate my scalp .I’m satisfied
Elsa (10/29/2008, Clifton, New Jersey) 5 Stars
This brush is amazing. I have naturally curly and thick hair, so I only use this after I've straightened it or done a blow out. Like I said its amazing, I still feel it's worth every penny. It makes my hair shiny and soft, and feels like a little massage on the scalp as well. With proper care, this brush should last forever.
Liz (08/24/2009, 2008) 5 Stars
I love this pocket brush. Thank you
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