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Mason Pearson Brushes
Mason Pearson Hairbrush Handy Pure Bristle B3 Dark Ruby Colour
Recommended for normal hair and fine long hair. The Mason Pearson Extra Small hairbrush has 6 rings of extra stiff bristle tufts. Size 8-1/2"x2-1/2". Cleaning kit is included.
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Betty (08/08/2008, Norwich, Vermont) 5 Stars
I am writing this review because I read everything I could before. I have normal hair with some curl and it gets tangled easily. With the Mason Pearson brush, the tangles do not pull my hair excessively, they brush through with ease. I have the Junior mixed bristle brush, I wish I would have known about this brush years ago, so I didn’t have to spend my money on cheep brushes.
Anna (07/02/2008, Bagdad, Kentucky) 5 Stars
Now that I have this brush I understand the difference .The nylon bristles stimulate my scalp, and it feels wonderful. The boar bristles make it smooth and shiny. Amazingly, somehow it gets all the way through without yanking or pulling on my head. My only regret is that I didn't get the bigger size, the handy size really is a bit small. But I love it.
Rosemary (04/15/2009, 2008) 5 Stars
This brush prevents so much hair loss - it doesn't pull and BREAK the hairs. My hair has thickened considerably.
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