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Mason Pearson Brushes
Mason Pearson Hairbrush Popular Bristle & Nylon BN1 Dark Ruby
Recommended for normal and short, thick hair. The Mason Pearson Large Popular hairbrush has 8 rings of bristle & nylon tufts. Size 9"x3-1/4". Cleaning kit is included.
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Liana (10/23/2008, Daytona Beach, Florida) 5 Stars
This is the most beautiful and useful hair brush I've ever owned! I just replaced one that I had for 5 years.
Zaria (09/12/2007, Renton, Washington) 5 Stars
I couldn't believe a brush could make such a difference, but this one has made brushing out my super thick, wavy hair a breeze. Really!
Adria (08/05/2009, 2008) 5 Stars
This is the most fantastic brush I have used. I have been using Mason Pearson brushes for over 30 years. My husband and son are also hooked on these brushes.
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