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Mason Pearson Brushes
Mason Pearson Hairbrush Pocket Bristle & Nylon BN4
Mason Pearson Hairbrush Pocket Bristle & Nylon BN4 recommended for normal and short, thick hair.The Mason Pearson Handy hairbrush has 5 rings of bristle & nylon tufts. Its smaller size makes it convenient for traveling. Size 6-3/4"x2".
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Abbie (11/09/2008, Shelbyville, Kentucky) 5 Stars
I bought this pocket size to try out the Mason Pearson line. It is wonderful. It leaves my hair shiny, smooth, and healthy looking. It also feels good to brush my hair, which makes it a real treat to use. I would recommend this very, very highly.
Cristal (11/22/2008, Lake City, Florida) 5 Stars
I love my Mason Pearson hairbrush. Its very comfortable to carrie in my handbag and makes my hair so shiny! I ended up getting my sister and my mom one for Christmas, too, hopefully they will like it. A good investment and it will less for a long time.
Miriam (10/29/2008, New York, New York) 5 Stars
I travel a lot, spending to much time in the airplane. Its a great brush with a good size, very convenient to have in the handbag, so i don’t have to worry about how do i look, after i take my knap time in the plane.
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