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Mason Pearson Brushes
Mason Pearson Hairbrush Child Pure Bristle CB4 Dark Ruby
The Child's model recommended for children aged 3 and 6 years. Pocket size Child hairbrush has 5 rings of fine bristle tufts (with one length of bristle only). Size 6-3/4"x2".
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Monica (01/24/2008, Tallahassee, Florida) 5 Stars
This is the greatest brush. I can never use another brush for my daughter . This one is perfect for long hair. I can not live without it now. It is that great. It makes her hair shiny, and brushes through perfectly. I just love it.
Eve (11/21/2007, Omaha, Nebraska) 5 Stars
Superior product for hair care made enviromentally friendly. How good is that!
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