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Kim Vo
Kim Vo Smoothing Lacquer Straightening Balm 6oz

Benefits: Smooth, supple hair. Maximum control. No sticky buildup or residue. Fast drying and resistant to humidity. Intense shine. An easy brush through even after re-spraying. Great even for fine and fragile hair. Gives a salon sensational finish.

Application: Shampoo and condition with the KIM VO® line. Towel dry hair. Dab a quarter size of Straightening Balm into palm and rub to emulsify. Apply to hair, starting from the tips, working up to the root. Distribute evenly. Blow dry and style as desired.

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Ingredients: High sugar in Boket optimizes iridescent shine. Meadow foam extract seals cuticles, accentuating silkiness and shine and speeding drying time. Bioflavonoids in Blue Lotus repairs and reinvigorates the scalp and strands. Green Tea & Watercress scent.