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Kim Vo
Kim Vo Perfect Polish Dry Serum 1oz

Benefits: High gloss without residue. Tame fly-aways and frizz. Speed drying time. Sun and pollution protection. Ideal for medium to long hair. Finisher with silky smoothness, vibrant color and lustrous shine.

Application: Use on dry hair. Drip a drop or two of serum in your palm and rub your hands to warm it. Apply to hair surface to smooth and finish. For frizzy ends, press the ends with an extra coat.

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Ingredients: ME-10 preserves color. High sugar in Boket optimizes iridescent shine. Bioflavonoids in Blue Lotus rejuvenate strands. Silicone-meadow foam extract accentuates silkiness and shine. Chinese Cabbage & Tung Oil evenly coats the hair shaft to smooth and heighten luster. Antioxidants from Kimarine, a rich marine botanical, fights free radicals and UV damage. Green Tea & Watercress scent.