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Kim Vo
Kim Vo Sculpting Shaper Texturizing Paste 2oz

Benefits: Pliable, weightless, long-lasting hold. Styling freedom. UV protection. Matte sheen with no greasy residue. Ideal for short to medium hair and highly textural cuts.

Application: Use on dry hair. Dab a dime size of wax in your palm and rub your hands to warm it. Coat your hair, using a little and building up if more is needed. Shape it into anything from a classic wave to a punk spike. For waves, work into hair and scalp and brush into a wave pattern. For spikes, start at the hair shaft and work towards the ends.

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Ingredients: Chamomile Flower wax stimulate, soothe and shape hair. Beeswax moisturizes, defines, shapes and holds hair. High sugar in Boket optimizes luster. Bioflavonoids in Blue Lotus rejuvenates scalp. Wakame antioxidants strengthen hair, shielding against UV and free radical damage. Green Tea & Watercress scent.