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Kim Vo
Kim Vo Brilliant Luster Glaze 7.5oz

Benefits: Ultimate shine. Heighten color. Smooth surface. Ideal weekly treatment. Immediate and long-lasting diamond-like radiance.

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Ingredients: High sugar in Boket optimizes iridescent shine. Bioflavonoids in Blue Lotus repairs and reinvigorates the scalp and strands. ME-10 preserves color. Rice and soy peptides hydrate, strengthen and shield hair from sunlight and other environmental toxins by up to 92.3%. Also smooths hard to control hair. Chinese Cabbage & Tung Oil evenly coats the hair shaft to smooth and heighten luster. Green Tea & Watercress scent.

Application: Use after shampooing and conditioning/masking. Find a clean brush, comb and cellophane shower cap. Pin half the hair. Divide the rest of the hair into sections. Starting at the top, brush glaze into hair, then comb it through, thoroughly coating it. Repeat until all hair is covered with glaze. Encase head in cellophane cap. Sit in the shower or bath, letting the heat open up the hair follicles. Leave on for 20 minutes. Take off the cap and rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. Towel dry.