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Guerlain Fragrances
Guerlain Shalimar Body Powder (Woman)

An art de vivre becomes an art of the body, an art of beauty. This perfumed powder envelops the skin with a voluptuous veil of softness and leaves it delicately smoothed and perfumed with the essence of Shalimar.

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Elegance, sensuality, subtlety, feminine influence. Inspired by an oriental love story, Shalimar is the dazzling essence of a woman who is endlessly desirable and forever desired. Like her, Shalimar is at once sublime and intimate. Suave and luscious, this elegantly sensual and undeniably attractive perfume expresses itself in multiple and astonishing facets depending on the moment, the skin or the hour. Shalimar is the essence of femininity. Like all legendary elixirs, it springs from the basin of a magic fountain. The curves of the bottle evoke a gentle roundness while the transparent blue stopper recalls the eternal water fountains of the gardens of Shalimar. Inside the clear glass bottle emblazoned in gold, the mythic perfume glistens with a secret flame.