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Split End Tips and Preventions

January 23, 2012 on 11:42 am | In Hair Care, Natural Beauty | No Comments

Split End Causes

Split ends are less likely to occur in well conditioned healthy hair, but any hair type can become damaged and develop split ends. The key is identifying the causes of split ends and minimizing or avoiding causing the damage where you can.

Genetics – hair that is naturally dry or brittle is very prone to split ends.
Over handling your hair – excessive touching of your hair or over brushing your locks should be avoided.
Heat styling abuse – cut down on the time spent using your hair straightener, blow-dryer, curling iron or hot hair rollers.
Hair chemical processes – hair color, perms or chemically straightening your hair can all lead to split ends.
Outside elements – too much fun in the sun, wind or water (swimming at the beach or in chlorinated pools) can be a factor.
Washing your hair too much – using harsh shampoos or roughly handing your hair when it’s wet and when you wash it can contribute to split ends.
Brushing your hair with the wrong brush – swap sharp plastic hair brush bristles for natural bristles.

Split End Treatments

The only treatment for split ends is to cut them off. Any advertisement that you see for a product that claims to repair split ends only masks the problem. Those type of products will coat your hair shaft and smooth the splits temporarily back together but they don’t repair them. The split is still there and will continue to move up your hair shaft, causing more issues. Make sure your visit your hairstylist as soon as you see any split ends to have them taken care of ASAP.

Split End Prevention
To prevent split ends from occurring, or reoccurring, you’ll need to work out what hair care habits you have that could cause split ends and change your behavior. This could mean…

Protecting your hair with heat protection products when heat styling.
Starting a regular hair care routine which involves deep conditioning weekly or monthly.
Using a hair brush that has natural bristles. Detangling your hair before getting it wet to minimize any damage caused when your hair is at its most vulnerable.
Always handling your hair delicately and as gently as possible when brushing, styling, washing and drying.
We hope these tips will help you to take care of any existing split ends and avoid further splits in the future.

To find a hairstyle to show off your split end-free locks, take a look at our virtual hairstyles today!

Look Younger with Skin Care: A Guide to Gorgeous Skin

January 6, 2012 on 9:33 am | In Natural Beauty, Skincare | No Comments

– Make sure you exfoliate every day. You need to do this after washing your face at night. Use a scrub that is soft on your skin. Sugar or oatmeal can be used as a scrub as well.

– Regular use or even daily use of facial masks is good for your skin. You need not buy it always. You can make one on your own using mashed fruits or vegetables like banana, avocado etc. One of the best natural mask is plain yogurt.

– Apply some skin treatment or moisturizer always on your face, either day or night. Give importance to your skin and apply some skin treatment, once you wash it at night. The treatment could be any thing like alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin A, vitamin C or some type of special cocktail treatment. Once it is set, apply a coat of moisturizer over it. Repeat the same process every morning as well.

– Never go for the costliest or cheapest cosmetic products. Products in the medium range are known to give the best results. Those products have quality ingredients and they usually deliver great results also. The only way to find the right product for you is by doing the good old “Trial and Error” method. Keep on experimenting with different brand products until you find the right product for you.

– Keep on hydrating your skin all along the day. You can create your own product by adding a few drops of rose essential oil or chamomile on to a spray bottle of distilled water. You can spray it on regularly over the day even on top of your make up, shaking it a little bit before each use. You may use a commercial product as well.

– Be gentle on your face. Pulling, tugging, scrubbing etc. on your face is not advisable. Never treat your face roughly while cleaning it, moisturizing it or applying make up on it. Thus you can reduce the possible number of wrinkles or skin damage on your face.

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