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S-Factor Dream Drops
S-Factor Dream Drops Shine contains the highest blend of ingredients that will protect your hair from heat, nourish your hair follicles, and improve shine.
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Pearl (04/28/2010, Goodhue, Minnesota) 4 Stars
Some products would make my hair look greasy, but since i try using this product so far its good. My hair has more body to it now
Brooke (04/20/2010, Caret, Virginia) 5 Stars
I am absolutely crazy over this product its amazing, it also makes my hair not greasy and i have very oily hair and i have to wash it everyday and its thick and wavy
Kendra (03/10/2010, Merrifield, Virginia) 4 Stars
Dream drops have done wonder's to my hair, i used to have very dry hair from straightening my curls every other day, but with dream drops it helps protect your hair from damaging
Jessica (07/28/2010, ) 5 Stars
Dream drops have done a pretty good job to my hair. My hair use to my very dry from straightening my hair with the curling iron every time i style it. Ever since i started to use the dream drops i saw the difference in my hair. There was no more dryness. Thanks to this protect
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