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Mirage Hair Building Fiber
Mirage Hair Building Fibers, Black Color
Mirage Hair Building Fibers, Black Color is a natural way of eliminating the appearance of baldness and thinning hair. Mirage Hair Building Fibers will change the way you look in seconds! Mirage is applied without the mess, by simply shaking the bottle container over the thinning areas, releasing thousands of microscopic hair Keratin fibers. These fibers intertwine with the existing real hairs. Watch your hair look thicker and full in less than 15 seconds. Even your thinnest areas become thick and full before your very own eyes.
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Jennif (04/30/2010, Sullivan, Missouri) 5 Stars
This product really helps to cover bald spots and very thin hair. This is really worth it for the good feeling it gives. Have purchased many times and will continue to purchase
Alena (04/16/2010, Saint Louis, Missouri) 5 Stars
It seriously works. My hair is denser and that bald spot has vanished. Don't think twice, just buy the stuff. Amazing
Katia (03/05/2010, Topeka, Kansas) 5 Stars
I have been using Toppik for several years. It is worth the money. It does work nicely.
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