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Hermes Terre D'hermes EDT Spray (Man)

If there is a contemporary masculine cologne that is destined to be among us for decades to come, this is undoubtedly it! Terre d'Hermès is intensely popular among both men and women because it’s so beautifully polished: A burst of refreshing bergamot and a little grapefruit juiced over rock and earth, a leap unto the skies, the feeling of watching clouds pass by when lying back down…

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Deceptively simple but masterly woven, this woods (cedar) and oranges combination is bold and manly, but without any sort of pretence, as befitting a true luxury product. Created by master perfumer Jean Claude Ellena, known for his delicate, watercolor rendition of precious materials which project at the pitch of classic guitar (soft and inviting, beckoning you to sit up and listen), Terre d'Hermès is meant for the discerning man who, once he finds his perfect scent, will cherish it for its ability to brighten his day.