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Estee Lauder Fragrance
Estee Lauder Beautiful Stories Collection (Woman)

This amazing gift set for women is beautifully presented with each miniature eau de parfum bottle packaged in a miniature book. The set includes: Beautiful Love 3.5ml (x2), Beautiful 3.5ml, Beautiful Sheer 3.5ml.

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Additional Product Information

Beautiful Love 3.5ml (x2). Beautiful Love celebrates the joy of romantic love. Lush white flowers, vibrant, inviting, exciting.

Beautiful 3.5ml - Beautiful celebrates the lifelong promise of true love. The fragrance of a thousand flowers, full, rich and as deep as your love.

Beautiful Sheer 3.5ml
- Beautiful Sheer celebrates the possibility of new love. A sheer blush of flowers, light-hearted, radiant and romantic.