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Christian Audigier
Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier Set (5 pcs) (Man)

This fragrance was created with special effects and colorfulsensations inspired by the dramatic and cool ed hardy tattoo art. Ed Hardy set includes: 3.4oz Eau De Toilette Spray, 3oz Body Wash, 2.5oz Deodorant Stick, Mini EDT, Bracelet.

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5 pcs
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Bright and tantalizing citrus effects of bergamot & mandarin are touched by the aromatic expression of thuja and the sharp bite of clary sage for added zest. This opening is the perfect preview to a colorful mint julep cocktail that matches up with ozone for a psychedelic explosion of color and effervescence. The result is of super refreshing mint mixed with colorful bubbles that provides a provocative edginess. Sequoia scent trek brings a masculine woodiness to the fragrance that is embraced by sensual musks and a touch of black amber. The final effect is of a masculine floralcy tattooed on to wood that lasts and lasts.