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DDF Mesojection Healthy Cell Serum

Mesojection™ Healthy Cell Serum is a non-invasive topical treatment inspired by Mesotherapy, an anti-aging injection therapy sweeping Europe.  The proprietary DDF formulation is rich with antioxidants, to reduce free-radical damage to the skin’s critical moisture barrier by 24%. 

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The formula also contains potent peptides and amino acids to immediately rejuvenate skin’s luminosity while smoothing skin’s texture.  The innovative Virtual Patch technology helps the anti-aging formula penetrate 14 layers deep into the skin’s surface, and seals in the vital ingredients for hours to ensure longer lasting effects.  The result is younger skin tone, texture, and a renewed vitality. A lightweight serum ideal for all skin concerns.

  • Reduces free-radical damage by 24%
  • Hydrates to rejuvenate skin’s youthful firmness and brightness