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DDF Discoloration Reversal-Pod

Discoloration Reversal-Pod is targeted treatment to reclaim the natural radiance of more youthful skin. Hydrates and exfoliates to reduce the appearance of discoloration and dullness on areas where hyperpigmentation occurs.

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Additional Product Information

May be applied day and night, or as desired, to diminish the look of specific areas of discoloration and age spots.

May squeeze pod to release product through exfoliating pad.

Apply in circular motions to targeted areas of discoloration.

Massage into skin using exfoliating pad.

Allow 3-4 weeks for results.

For protection of future discoloration, use DDF sunscreen of choice.

Special Pod delivery system gently exfoliates top layer of skin and allows deep surface penetration of Micro-Radiance Complex™ for maximum results.