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Compagnie de Provence
Compagnie de Provence Wild Rose Body Lotion 10oz.,16.9oz.
Compagnie de Provence Wild Rose Body Lotion Pure vegetable oils with softening and nourishing virtues are combined with moisturizing agents to prevent dryness and leave skin smooth. The fluid texture of this luxurious lotion is rapidly absorbed the skin.
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Sarina (06/17/2008, Rockville, Maryland) 5 Stars
This is my favorite summer lotion. I dont wear any perfume when using this product. It feels great after a shower/shaving legs--put it on when your skin is a little damp and try to just let it soak in. I do need something extra for my hands and feet after gardening and flip-flop days, but for a general feel-good light body lotion, Im hooked!
Jennifer (07/26/2008, Brush, Colorado) 5 Stars
This lotion is simply the best. Nothing sticky about it. It leaves your skin (at least mine) super soft. The smell is terrific. I put it on every day. And it really looks like my skin tone and my body looks smooth. Also your skin stays hydrated until the next day.
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