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Carolina Herrera


As a little girl, the Venezuelan-born María Carolina Josefina Pacanins y Niño — one of four daughters whose roots date to the 1500s under Latin American aristocracy—played on her family hacienda among a colorful, scent-filled floral garden, inspiring her signature Carolina Herrera fragrance and, later, her creation of one of the most popular and recognized perfumes of our time: 212. Herrera’s daughter and namesake, Carolina Adriana Herrera, joined her mother in the fragrance world to work on 212. The elder and “Best-dressed in the US” Carolina Herrera began her ready-to-wear fashion line in the 1980s at the age of 41. Herrera is adulated for her sophisticated day and evening wear, designing for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis during the last decade of Jackie O’s life.